WikiLeaks exposes media bias, Clinton team cheering ABC’s use of talking points

The political right is so ill-equipped to deal with this — and it’s because they haven’t gone to elementary school to learn about the information war.

Here is Douglas Ernst writing at the Washington Times:

‘Great work everyone. He lands nothing and everything is refuted (mostly based on our work)’

The latest round of WikiLeaks documents released by founder Julian Assange shows members of Hillary Clinton’s team touting ABC News’ “perfect” use of its talking points.

“This Week” moderator George Stephanopoulos was criticized in April 2015 for not disclosing ties to The Clinton Foundation before a contentious interview with “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer. Mr. Stephanopoulos apologized for not mentioning his $75,000 in CGI donations, but WikiLeaks’ latest hacked emails indicate there was collusion behind the scenes.

“Great work everyone. This interview is perfect. He lands nothing and everything is refuted (mostly based on our work),” Jesse Ferguson wrote April 26, 2015.

“This is amazing. A pleasure to read,” responded Mrs. Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri.

“Not to pile on, but this is therapeutic to watch,” added Nick Merrill, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign press secretary. “George is cool as a cucumber, doesn’t rush into it, but just destroys him slowly but surely over the course of the interview.”

Mr. Stephanopoulos defended his April 22, 2015, interview at the time, but said his non-disclosure of CGI donations was regrettable.

“I made charitable donations to the foundation in support of the work they’re doing on global AIDS prevention and deforestation, causes I care about deeply,” the ABC host said May 14, 2015. “I thought that my contributions were a matter of public record. However, in hindsight, I should have taken the extra step of personally disclosing my donations to my employer and to the viewers on air during the recent news stories about the foundation. I apologize.”

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