GOP Slogan this year: Our liar is better than your liar

Folks, I’m voting for Mitt Romney because Barack Obama is a special kind of evil. And yes, I mean evil. Obama has purposefully undercut America in the world and at home. I’m not the only one who believes he’s doing it to put American in its place, to “knock us down a few pegs.”

But the guy who will replace him, Mitt Romney, personifies almost everything that’s wrong with the Republican Party. What this means is that if he wins, our Obama problem ends and our Romney problem begins.

That said, a recent post at The Weekly Standard got my attention. Click on the headline to read it and to watch the ad: “New Romney Ad Calls Obama Liar, Dishonest.”

This is one of the things that happens when you lie your way to the nomination (see here and here). You no longer have the credibility you might have had otherwise. And when you’re running against Barack Obama, the worst president in my lifetime and one of the most dishonest men to ever hold the office, it’s unfortunate to have sacrificed the high ground.