Government Should Not Be Spared from the Austerity It Is Inflicting on Society

Here is an excellent point and idea from J. Kyle deVries at the Foundation for Economic Education:

The coronavirus is negatively impacting the economy and will leave lots of damage in its wake. Our government should feel the pain as well.

The coronavirus is negatively impacting the economy and will leave lots of damage in its wake. Most of us in the private sector are feeling pain that will only be exacerbated in the future. The recession-to-come will cause a major restructuring of our economy with many businesses going bankrupt and workers left unemployed.

Our government should feel the pain as well. After all, we are all in this together.

So far millions in the private sector have lost their jobs or have been furloughed—but not many in government have. Many government employees continue to get salaries and benefits despite not working. Their agencies most certainly will not have as much work to do since major portions of the economy are closing down. Many agencies won’t even be needed any longer, but you better believe they will continue to be funded and probably expanded over time. That is outrageous. As we suffer economically, government should not be exempted.

This phenomenon is truly confounding and unfair. After all, government does not exist without taxes and taxes can only come from people who produce and earn a living—in other words, the private sector. The private sector supports government employees who, on average, receive higher pay, better perquisites and much better retirement plans. That should change. As we restructure our economy in the wake of the Coronavirus, government should be restructured as well.

Businesses have no guarantee they will remain in business—they must provide their customers with a quality product or service at a competitive price or they will go bust. But government agencies remain in place for life, even if they continue to provide lousy services at outrageous expense. Government needs to show us they are with us during this fight. Part of doing so is to take a hard look at various agencies and departments to see if they can be improved or if they need to be eliminated. Before you say that would be difficult, let’s look at some obvious choices.

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