VOTER FRAUD: Trump Fears Confirmed: We’ve Lost 28 Million Ballots in the Last Four Elections. No One Knows Where They Went.

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This is a little bit of old news but given that the 2020 election is still on for November, it’s bound to come back up. Mail-only ballots have been floated as an alternative given the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in the United States. And given that there have been no coronavirus spikes in Wisconsin after its primaries, maybe we can put this mail-only pipe dream from liberals to rest. This was mentioned in one of the president’s daily pressers on the virus back in April. Of course, liberals scoffed at the president’s attacks on mail ballots. They said there was no need to worry. Voter fraud rarely happens, right? The New York Times doled out a piece called “Trump Is Pushing a False Argument on Vote-by-Mail Fraud. Here Are the Facts.” And in the same story, there’s this key line: “experts say that the mail voting system is more vulnerable to fraud than voting in person.” Yeah, again, we have a buried lede here.

Also, Mark Hemingway over at RealClearPolitics highlighted an even more disturbing figure regarding vote-by-mail. We’ve lost 28 million ballots in the last four elections from states who hold their elections solely by mail. Now, regarding fraud, we don’t know, but even federal officials have said the massive number of ballots that have evaporated into the ether raises concerns about the security of this system. Expand it and we could have chaos (via RCP):

Between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million mail-in ballots remain unaccounted for, according to data from the federal Election Assistance Commission. The missing ballots amount to nearly one in five of all absentee ballots and ballots mailed to voters residing in states that do elections exclusively by mail.

States and local authorities simply have no idea what happened to these ballots since they were mailed – and the figure of 28 million missing ballots is likely even higher because some areas in the country, notably Chicago, did not respond to the federal agency’s survey questions. This figure does not include ballots that were spoiled, undeliverable, or came back for any reason.

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