How School Crushes the Child’s Natural Love of Learning

President-elect Donald Trump has promised school choice and I believe he’ll get it done — it’s time to shut down as many child warehouses as possible. Here are a few articles on the topic — the sad continuing saga of America’s public schools.

How School Crushes the Child’s Natural Love of Learning
Conventional education separates learning into thousands of measurable objectives and has very little to do with a child’s hunger to master a particular skill.

K-12: Like Taking Candy from Babies
The authorities have control over a huge number of defenseless children. Instead of preparing them for smart, responsible decisions, our public schools tend to keep them in an ignorant daze.

Public Education: Progressivism’s Unbeatable Advantage
Education is nothing less than civilization itself considered from the developmental point of view. It is the process of becoming civilized, which for centuries of so-called Western humanity was grounded in variations on a few related themes: The rational individual, a natural microcosm who is therefore capable in principle of understanding his immediate surroundings within a comprehensive view of the whole, must live by his own will, which requires cultivating practical knowledge, intellectual self-reliance, and moral independence. To undermine self-reliance, to deny independence, and to diminish or curtail the desire for knowledge, is thus to denature men, in the sense of turning us against ourselves. And that is what modern public schooling was and is designed to accomplish.

And what is the consequence of this failed education system? There are some really ignorant Americans who fall for the tired tactics of the left — everyone they don’t like is a racist. Here’s a line from a recent email from a leftwing organization:

It is with heavy hearts that we write today. Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States, and he won on a platform of hate, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, Islamophobia, climate change denial and anti-science rhetoric. To say we are disappointed is an understatement.

No evidence of any of those charges is offered.

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