Constructing Babel

AmericanThinker3Here’s one I’d missed from American Thinker by Glenn Fairman:

I believe Robert Frost has said, “Don’t ever take down a fence until you know why it was first put up.” Progressives are in that business of tearing down those ancient cathedrals composed of unequal stresses that have been anchored and counterweighted in human nature. We have found in the last generation that in unleashing these primordial passions, the architects of the Great Society have foolishly sown to the maelstrom. Those who would maintain the necessity and maintenance of strong fences will come under assault like never before, and many of those who offer lip service to the conservation of the definitive male and female archetypes consecrated in our sacred texts will equivocate and fall away. Those vocal opponents to the New Order of Sexuality will more fully approximate lone Cries in the Wilderness and face moral ostracism; to say nothing of political and professional marginalization as morally leprous pariahs.

Progressives believe that the homosexual wedge is the cleverest means to disinfect the public square from Christianity and its hated project aimed at circumventing the Earthly City where man is beholden to nothing other than his own wayward imagination. That such a future is inevitable in their eyes betrays their fatal conceit. That their clay tower will be thrown down in the fullness of days, we can be assured of.

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