Ignore the Critics: The Jeanne Ives TV Ad is a Blueprint for Republicans Nationally

The new Jeanne Ives for Governor campaign ad is generating controversy, to say the least. Leftists, of course, are calling it, as they call everything and everyone they disagree with, “racist and bigoted.” The candidates whose campaigns are being funded by Bruce Rauner cash are also upset — even those that were previously thought to have been conservative.

The ad is funny, correct, and it clearly communicates the intra-party divide on several important issues — all in 60 seconds.

Here are my two questions about the ad: 1) What topic addressed in it is not worthy of ridicule? 2) Are conservative critics of the ad asleep as to what’s afoot in our culture?

A biological male wanting to use the women’s restroom and locker room facilities is a biological male wanting to use the women’s restroom and locker room facilities. Years ago, that would’ve been a Monte Python skit.

An illegal alien criminal is an illegal alien criminal. Democrats used to agree with Republicans about that.

Women wanting to have taxpayers pay for their abortions is a woman wanting taxpayers to pay for her abortion. No, it’s not a funny topic, but ridicule is appropriate nonetheless.

ComEd’s taxpayer bailout is a matter of record — just another assault on Illinois families and the Illinois economy.

Teacher unions that are bailed out by Illinois taxpayers are…yes…Illinois families that are already over-taxed bailing out wildly over-promised pension systems (see series of articles starting here).

The typical Republican Party leaders and former leaders that have contributed to Illinois’ demise have weighed in on the side of Bruce Rauner, who has “a net approval rating of -24%,” while “55% of registered voters in Illinois” disapprove of his performance in office. These leaders keep proving a point that some of us have been making for well over a decade — the Illinois GOP is led by losers.

The Illinois GOP Chairman Tim Schneider called the ad an attack on Illinoisans “based on their race, gender or humanity.” The ad does no such thing. It ridicules men who want to share restrooms and locker rooms with women. There is no reference at all to race. Maybe Schneider thinks a reference to criminal aliens is race related.

Rauner is funding Erika Harold’s Attorney General campaign, so she dutifully weighed in, saying that the “Republican Party must be about fighting for the ideals and values that have made our country the envy of the world and promoting the dignity and value of every Illinoisan.” Isn’t Harold is pro-life? Hasn’t she claimed to be “neutral” in the governor’s race?

Candidate for Treasurer Jim Dodge said “collective diversity,” evidently including men pretending to be women and criminal aliens, “gives us our strength and makes us a beacon of freedom to the world.”

GOP Candidate for Comptroller Darlene Senger is also offended by the ad, saying that Illinois needs “common-sense, bi-partisan solutions.” Senger sounds like so many Illinois Republicans in that she doesn’t understand the simplicity of the decisions we face:

Taxpayers will fund abortions or not.

Taxpayers will be abused by corrupt governmental units like the Chicago Public School System or not.

A biological man will be allowed to use the women’s restrooms and locker rooms or not.

Criminal aliens will be arrested with the help of state and local law enforcement or not.

Big Com Ed type bailouts will continue or not.

The ad will help her campaign because it shows just how ridiculous so much of Rauner’s Leftist social agenda is. The ad also shows that Jeanne Ives is clear about where she stands on the issues.

As for those Republican statewide candidates and “leaders” that don’t get it — it’s time to move forward without their approval. The same mentality that opposed candidate Donald Trump now arises to oppose Jeanne Ives. Trump used ridicule and won against long odds. So can Ives.

Here is the ad: