I’m A Democrat Because It’s Easier Than Thinking

Don Feder has a humorous post up at BarbWire today — here’s the opening of it:

This has been a tough year for those who identify with the party of socialism, surrender and the sexual revolution. Next year will be even tougher.

As a service to Democratic voters, I offer a handy guide for explaining to their families, friends and parole officers why they’re an enabler of the party bent on destroying America – the party of Barack and Hillary, Nancy and Harry, Bernie and Bubba.

1. I’m a Democrat because I understand that guns cause crime and criminals are misunderstood.

2. I’m a Democrat because gun control works. Homicidal maniacs and hardened criminals may regularly violate the laws of God and man, but gun laws they always obey.

3. I’m a Democrat because if you have a successful business, you didn’t build that. Politicians, bureaucrats and welfare mooches are responsible for your success. Besides, even if they didn’t build it, they’re going to take it away from those who did.

4. I’m a Democrat because of my keen sense of history, from which I learn that America was founded on the principle of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

5. I’m a Democrat because government has an unparalleled record of job creation. Who better to generate jobs than people with absolutely no experience in the business world?

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Image credit: barbwire.com.