Is there a good alternative to attending college?

Yes, to answer the question in the headline, there is. While I was lucky, having attended a small liberal arts college in the east that at the time had two fantastic political science professors, I realize that the college experience for many people is rather empty. It’s certainly not worth the student loan debt they’re saddled with afterwards.

Last week I posted links to two articles about alternatives to the expensive higher ed route. Today, I excerpt from a recent piece from the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. Have you ever heard of the “National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) program”? Well, read on…

Don’t Fear the Free Market

A free market in postsecondary education would serve students effectively.

By George Leef and Jane S. Shaw

In recent conversations, we have heard the view expressed that while free markets provide all kinds of goods and services, education is “different,” and a free market in postsecondary education would hurt students.In this essay, we will argue that it would benefit all students.

A “free market” does not mean the complete absence of government. A fundamental characteristic of a free economy is a government that protects property rights. Consumers and sellers can engage in voluntary exchange (purchasing and selling goods and services). The government protects that freedom to trade.

In postsecondary education, a free market means the following…

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