James O’Keefe: The Mainstream Media is Dead. We Won.

From Frontpagemag.com:

Transcript of Project Veritas President James O’Keefe recounting his fight against the Clinton machine and its media enablers.

James O’Keefe: I want to say a few words and show just a very few clips from Project Veritas. I wanted to say that we did it, and the media in this country, as Bill Little said last night, is now discredited. It’s dead and we have killed it and it’s been a long time coming because they put us through so much over the last 10 years: Planned Parenthood, civil lawsuits, jail, defamation, lies, slander and now we’ve won.

I’m going to walk you through very quickly just some of what I think are the poignant historical moments. It all started 4 weeks ago when Twitter kicked me off. I was kicked off Twitter for releasing the videos, and out of nowhere thousands of people sent messages to the CEO of Twitter. Thousands of people sent messages to Jack Dorsey and they reinstated my account 36 hours later, and when they did we had 40,000 new followers.

I met Donald Trump two years ago. I did a story at Cornell. We went into Cornell and we said we were an ISIS club, and we wanted to get money from Cornell to do it, and we released this video on Cornell giving day, the day when all the alumni are supposed to give money to Cornell. We had alumni stop giving to Cornell and started giving money to Project Veritas. I got an email from New York from the Trump Tower that said Donald Trump would like to meet you. This was two years ago. And he printed out this video and said that that’s Donald Trump’s signature. James Graywork, as always “Best wishes, Donald Trump.” Donald Trump was always a fan, but this is well before he ran for president. Fast forward two years and we release the first video.


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