Killing Them

There continues to be a lot of great reporting and commentary surrounding the barbaric Planned Parenthood videos — here is an excerpt from a post by Erick Erickson:

We have passed the point where Nazi comparisons are inappropriate. In the latest video about Planned Parenthood, if you want to watch it, you will see an admission that some of the children are born alive before being killed and carved up — their bodies being sold essentially for scrap.

These are children. They entered into the world alive and were killed, chopped up, and sold bit by bit.

“It’s a boy,” one person commented in the latest film. They talk about the commoditization of children’s eyeballs (the ones in the video were not developed enough), hearts that turn to mush they are so small, and reference the legs, feet, and hands of the children.

They are children being killed, butchered, and sold in pieces. The video is unedited. Planned Parenthood is kiling them, gleefully, for cash. They want their Lamborghinis.

If Republicans are not willing to make this their hill to die on and even see the government shutdown to stop this, the Republican Party needs to be shut down.

The sick irony of President Barack Obama’s administration is that he often compares himself to Abraham Lincoln. But he is perfectly happy to let Planned Parenthood sell off black children in bits and pieces as someone else’s property.

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Image credit: Cartoon by Gary Varvel,