Known Unknowns

From Erick Erickson:

Byron York has a terrific article in this fact free shooting from the hip post-election week of hand wringing and incessant demands on party purges from people who aren’t even in the Republican Party.

The week following the 2002 election, talking heads on television gave every sort of prognostication about what was wrong with the Democratic Party.

2004 fueled the analysis further.

A lot of it turned out to be wrong. Two years later, the liberal wing of the Democratic Party took over Congress and two years later, the liberal wing of the Democratic Party took the White House too.

So much for returning to the roots of the “moderate” Democratic Leadership Council, which ceased operations in 2011, less than seven years after the media finished excoriating the Democrats for their leftward, loss accumulating drift in 2004.

The biggest problem the GOP faces now is that so much of the punditry and analysis coming from within the GOP and on television comes from two groups of people: (1) those whose world view in politics began with the election of 2000 and who lack any sense of history and (2) those who have never really liked conservatives anyway.

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