Letter to Barack: Epiphany

From John Sullivan:

We have heard that our economic problems are due to George Bush, a tsunami in Japan, the Republicans, George Bush, the rich, the greedy, George Bush, the Arab Spring, and now Europe. Remember when your child was in the “Terrible Two’s”? How many times has Obama, when his policies have indisputably failed, just claimed “they worked”? When has Obama ever taken responsibility for anything that didn’t work out so well? He transfers responsibility for the gridlock on Republicans (only), when he refused to even listen to any input and let Republicans know where they stood, as soon as he took office, with the curt statement, “We won.”

The really handy thing about Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that success or good performance is never necessary. If one does poorly, the NPD can just lie about it or blame someone else. Is this not all we have heard from this President? Why work to reduce unemployment when you can go play golf and just blame the problem on someone else? It’s a whole lot easier and it’s a complete evasion of responsibility and avoidance of blame. At the same time, that person seems to always take credit where credit is not due. These traits are odd in an adult, but normal for a two-year-old. NPD’s are truly “adult children.”

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