Marriage Redefined: It’s Called The Information War

I’ll keep saying it as long as necessary: Republicans and conservatives must learn how to fight the information war.

Here are Kristine Marsh and Matt Philbin writing at the Media Research Center:

How We Got Here: Media Have Sold America Gay ‘Marriage’
Lopsided coverage and demonizing traditional advocates have helped make marriage meaningless.

It’s quite an accomplishment, overturning millennia of understanding about marriage. In just a couple of self-obsessed and nihilistic generations, we’ve managed to render that sacred pillar of civil society more or less meaningless. We’ve degraded it into just another “right” in the never-ending list progressive activists demand, judges arbitrarily invent, and bureaucrats uphold at the expense of actual constitutional rights.

But boy did we have help! Marriage was in a lamentable state anyway, stripped of religious significance and “til death do us part” seriousness. But it’s the media elite’s relentless normalization of homosexuality that has really done it in for holy matrimony. Besides the free exercise of religion, marriage is the most important casualty of the media’s wholesale adoption of the gay agenda.

That the gay agenda has come so far so fast can only be attributed to media that obfuscate, conceal and confuse the real issues and instead hold up fluffy nostrums about “fairness and justice.” Hence, the “same-sex marriage” debate has become the struggle for “marriage equality.” And who could be against equality?

It doesn’t matter that the media have no credibility on this (or many other issues). Their relentless cheerleading has had its effect, and will continue. Logic dictates that the final frontier in marriage abuse will be forcing clergy to perform same-sex weddings. In the end, what’s the difference between compelling a Priest to perform a ceremony and compelling his parishioners to cater it?

But by then, nobody will bat an eye. The media will have done their job well.

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