Millennials Support Bernie Sanders Because Their Colleges Are A Joke

Here is M.G. Oprea making my point about the conservative failure in the information war over at The Federalist:

The Left has eviscerated substance and free speech from college campuses. So it’s no wonder millennials love socialist Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has attracted an amazing following among Democratic youth. In IowaNew HampshireNevada, and Super Tuesday states, he’s grabbed the overwhelming majority of the 18 to 29 age group, and a solid majority of those aged 30 to 44.

Given that he’s capturing so much of the millennial vote, it bears asking how an old socialist is making his message new again, and appealing so strongly to America’s youth. The answer lies partly in higher education and what American young people are learning—and especially what they’re not.

In 2014 a group at Texas Tech University asked students on campus basic history questions, followed by questions about celebrities. In it, students struggle to answer simple questions such as “Who is the current vice president?” but easily produced answers about Snookie and Brad Pitt.

This video has been criticized and the producers accused of cherry-picking the most embarrassing moments. Nevertheless there is something disturbing about a collegestudent who can’t instantly reply “the North” or “the Union” in response to a question asking who won the Civil War.

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