Obama’s truth deficit President thrown off-balance when his falsehoods are challenged

From a Washington Times editorial:

The facts didn’t get in the way of Mr. Obama repeating more debate falsehoods on Friday. He told an audience at George Mason University in Virginia that the GOP candidate “said there’s no way that he’d close the loophole that gives big oil companies billions each year in corporate welfare.” Actually, Mr. Romney said Wednesday that the hundred-year-old tax credit that amounts to less than $3 billion a year is “probably not going to survive” if he is successful in reducing the corporate tax rate from a worldwide high of 35 percent to 25 percent.

Mr. Obama continues to claim his Republican challenger would raise taxes on middle-class families by $2,000 a year. He said in the debate that the GOP candidate’s plan could never be revenue neutral without closing deductions and loopholes for average Americans, insisting, “It’s math. It’s arithmetic.”

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