On His Show, Steve Bannon Fails to Get a Good Answer to His Question: “What is the Plan?”

A few notes to open this installment.

Three recent observations were brought to my attention about this new series of articles. First, that while I include opinion articles on the list of things that do not win elections—here I am writing opinion articles.

True, articles like this do not win elections. What wins elections is election work. The difference between me and so many other writers, I’m sorry to say, is that I do not believe I am accomplishing real election work when I pen these posts.

A second observation is that a lot of election work is already getting done.

True. But not nearly on the scale that is required to save states like Illinois and the country. Micro happens, not macro. I call it “micro wonderfulness.” It is wonderful, but sadly it is micro.

The third comment is that my writing comes across as often sarcastic and angry.

Both are true. The only reason Illinois and the nation are in such bad shape is because of the failure of the highly paid people working within the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC). The RCIC is deserving of ridicule. After so much money spent over so many decades, you would think those running the RCIC show would figure out what has to be done and then figure out how to get it done. But they have not.

In this recent article I explained my anger: A great deal of unnecessary suffering is taking place because of horrendous government policies—all of which were avoidable if the geniuses inside the RCIC had bothered to do some studying.

Back in July, Steve Bannon put a question to his all-star panelists. And they are all-stars—that is not being written sarcastically. The three young men are doing great work. Raheem Kassam of the National Pulse, Darren Beattie from Revolver.news, and Jack Posobiec from Human Events.

[As this post goes to press, this came to my attention–you can listen to Raheem, Jack and Darren talking together in a recent panel here.]

Here was the question Bannon put to them on July 22nd:

We’re not pundits here, we’re solution providers…what action needs to be taken today by conservative media, the Trump movement, and elected officials?

Raheem went first and came close to a good answer because he made fun of the thinking that dominates the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex:

I think we need…a new think tank. A cocktail reception on top of the Kennedy Center.

Then he went a little off the rails. “The truth is a little bit, um,…hard to say because um, because of what the implications are…” Bannon called him out, wondering if he was just trying to buy time to figure out what to say: “Just give me an action plan,” Bannon said.

Raheem continued: “I’ve got two words for you—direct action.”

Bannon wanted to know, “what do you mean by that?”

Raheem talked about holding rallies—and in his defense, his participation in the Brexit movement in Britain saw rallies having an impact just as so many do here in the U.S. But rallies are not election work. They’re fine “action” of a sort. But not the right answer to Bannon’s question.

Raheem went on for another minute or so and what he said was fine. He called for more marches and protests and rallies. (More on Raheem’s excellent understanding in our next article.)

Then Bannon turned to Posobiec.

Posobiec said Republicans should push to get Biden’s medical records released. That’s fine too, but it’s hardly a plan of action that gets to the political problem we have. You can’t solve a problem if you do not understand what the problem is.

Then it was Darren Beattie’s turn. Bannon asked, “what’s your action plan?”


Well, there’s no easy answer because it gets all down to the same bottleneck—how does the right develop a genuine institutional pressure box to get what it wants? And that’s a multi-dimensional problem… we don’t have an effective infrastructure to focus—to direct pain to those who deviate from our agenda and to advance our agenda effectively…

Again, close, and whether he realizes it or not, the lack of that “infrastructure” is the key. Pointing out the lack of it, however, is not an action plan.

Like I said, these are smart guys—and they cannot be expected to have the answer when their focus is doing useful research and reporting that exposes things like what a dishonest man Anthony Fauci is, and what really happened on January 6th (you should follow the latter story on Revolver.news and learn just how corrupt the FBI really is).

Up next: Raheem Kassam Calls for an Audit of “Conservative Inc.”

Image credit: Screenshot from Rumble.com.

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