UPDATED: Pat Brady’s ill temper and questionable IL GOP money transfers

Since this article first posted yesterday, two more examples have been added to the list of questionable money transfers.

About a year and a half ago when I worked for Jack Roeser, Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady visited Jack’s political shop and upon entering, made a beeline for the little office in the back that I used and where Jack and I were in the midst of a conversation. Pat, uninvited, sat down with us, and within moments started to berate me for imagined insults of him I was evidently guilty. At one point, he rose from his chair and with his voice raised, pointed his finger at me in a clear attempt to intimidate me.

What’s funny about the whole episode, of course, is that poor dumb Pat just made an ass of himself, and that was the consensus in the office full of witnesses once he left. Even Jack Roeser, who at that point was already playing nice with the inept old guard, was puzzled by Pat’s immature behavior.

What brings this to mind is a quote from a Republican News Watch piece titled, “Illinois GOP’s money transfers demand some answers.” Campaign disclosures show that the state party has been involved in some questionable money transfers. They are merely reporting the facts. Yet in a phone conversation today between RNW and Pat, an upset Brady threatened the writer saying, “Be careful what you write…”

That sure sounds like the Pat Brady I know.

Other leaders and activists around the state have experienced Pat’s temper, so it’s nothing new. In the past Pat has made the news because of his lack of self control – you can read one example by clicking here – scroll down to the subheading “Who is Pat Brady?”

Back to the troubling news being reported today by Republican News Watch about the money transfers – he gives twelve examples. Here’s the first:

Example 1:

On January 4, 2012, Anne and Ken Griffin donate $20,000 ($10,000 each) to the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee.

On January 12, 2012, the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee transfers $15,000 to the Illinois Republican Party for “dinner tickets.”

The Illinois Republican Party doesn’t report the $15,000 transfer from the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee until March 12, 2012.

Click here to read examples 2 through 12

I trust the Old Media and the appropriate state and federal law enforcement officials will look into this. It raises a lot of questions about who knew what, when – including Anne and Ken Griffin, the suckers, I mean donors, caught up in what might be a scandal.

Anne and Ken are evidently new to politics. They might want to consider widening their circle of contacts in Illinois since as this money transfer story suggests, they’re clearly being led astray.