Primal Scream at Mark Kirk

Here is Laurie Higgins writing at BarbWire:

“But to us, to whom murder has once for all been forbidden, it is unlawful even to destroy the fetus in the womb whilst the blood is still forming into a human being. Prevention of birth is premature murder; nor does it alter the question whether one takes away a life already born, or destroys one which is in process of formation. That also is a human being, which is about to become one, just as every fruit exists already in the seed.”

Tertullian (160 AD-220 AD)

Whoomp, there it is, another gangrenous vote from morally necrotic U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk (R-IL). Yesterday, the Democrats filibustered a bill that would have banned abortion after 20 weeks—a bill intended to prevent the torturous deaths of 18,000 tiny, defenseless human beings every year, humans who, while able to feel pain, are being crushed and dismembered in their mothers’ wombs. Democrats filibustered because they fear being held accountable for their unconscionable votes to support late-term feticide.

U.S. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell called for a cloture vote which would have ended the filibuster and allowed for a vote. He needed 60 votes for cloture and received only 54. Mark Kirk voted with the Democrats—as he always does when it comes to baby-killing and sodomy-related legislation. Nothing says “future of America” quite like the destruction of pre-born life and marriage.

Less than a day after his repugnant vote, I received an email from a women’s Republican Club, inviting me to a fundraiser for Mark Kirk that stated that they do not “take sides in primaries” and that they are there to “support” GOP candidates. Here was my response:

I can’t adequately express my anger at the voting record of Mark Kirk whose moral compass is so distorted that I don’t think he could distinguish right from wrong on essential matters like life, family, marriage, children’s rights, and sexuality if it slapped him upside the head.

These are not peripheral issues. They are central to the health and future of our declining country.

The only efforts I will extend with regard to Mark Kirk are efforts to persuade Illinoisans that he is feckless, morally compromised, and undeserving of office.

The Republican Party errs when it subordinates the “social issues”—a reductive and ignorant term—to foreign and fiscal policy. As long as it continues to do so, our country will continue its downward spiral.

If the GOP at every level and including in primaries refuses to take sides on feticide, we are in a moral free fall of catastrophic proportions. If every single person who knows truth would speak it unequivocally and boldly, we could change our culture.

Tragically, conservatives are more likely to conform our behavior and words to arbitrary political conventions than to enduring, transcendent, object moral truths.

Conservatives should speak truth no matter whom they alienate. The fact that someone becomes angry over some truth a conservative has spoken doesn’t mean their words won’tultimately have a positive effect.

It is with regret that I decline your invitation and wish you no success in your fundraising efforts.

Is this what the GOP has degenerated into? The Grand Old Party refuses to take sides even with regard to the greatest moral evil in the history of this once great nation?

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