Steve Deace: A Short Civics Lesson on Religious Liberty

Low information voters come in all shapes and sizes, and in all issue areas, so to speak. There is a lot of confusion about what “religious liberty” entails. That shouldn’t be surprising, since few people understand what our “First Freedom” is, or why it was written into the First Amendment by the Founding Fathers.

Recently, Steve Deace had an excellent post on Facebook on the topic and he wrote, “you’re welcome to be offended and even ignorant, but you’re not welcome to impose your ignorant offendedness upon the rest of us.” Here’s an excerpt:

I am seeing an argument from people on our team regarding religious liberty that needs to be addressed. Maybe you’ve heard it, too.

“Well, if Muslims didn’t want to do something because of Sharia Law, you would oppose them.”

You’re right, we would, and you should, too.

Sharia Law is oppression, not religious liberty. Want proof? Try going to a country dominated by Sharia Law. Tell them you just want to move there, not run for office or interfere with their government, but you want the freedom to live out your religious differences privately without interference from the state. What do you think their answer would be?

Just ask Saeed Abedini. Except you can’t, because he’s been in an Iranian prison for years now for attempting just such a thing.

However, here in America (aka “the great Satan”) Muslims are freer and more prosperous here than they would be in any nation on earth dominated by Islam. Why? Because we don’t have Sharia Law here, we have liberty based on God-given (not state or religion given) rights. Which come directly to you from the Creator Himself, who makes the rain fall on the just and the unjust alike, without any state or religious institutional interference. In our tradition, the only thing that can really stand between you and the blessings of your Creator is you.

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