Pro-Family Politicians Must Go on the Offense to Win

Maggie Gallagher is exactly right — pro-family politicians need to go on offense in the information war. She makes several important points in this article — such as the simple but often ignored fact that the Democratic Party base in not(!) the electorate:

The Keystone Report recently published a poll. It was commissioned by the American Principles Project. (Full disclosure: I am an APP senior fellow).

It showed two things. First, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) is in trouble. Second, there is a huge opportunity for social conservatives to go on offense against the Left’s transgender extremism.

Just 35% of Pennsylvania voters favor Wolf; 43% rate him unfavorably. On the second point, 71% said they were less likely to vote for Wolf — that is, once they learned about his transgender extremism.

That’s the good news. Here’s the great news: Once they hear of his transgender policies, 51% of Democrats say they are less likely to support Wolf.

This is a huge political opportunity for social conservatives.

Modern political technologies are amazing. They tell us which soft Democrats and independents are most likely to switch their vote when they learn of a candidates’ left wing extremism on social issues. Cutting edge programs then let us go directly to these persuadable soft Democrats at a reasonable cost.

The Democratic party pushes these deeply unpopular policies. Not because they’re popular. They aren’t. But because they can count on Republicans to avoid the issue. They can count on social conservatives to keep on bringing a knife to the gunfight.

The North Carolina Debacle

We saw this failure to seize the opportunities in the 2016 election. One great hero fought back against Obama’s outrageous bathroom transgender mandates. That hero was North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

The Left used their control over free media to pummel McCrory.

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