Result of Iowa: They Didn’t Want Mitt in 2008;They Don’t Want Him Now

Willard Romney’s Iowa results:

2008  = 30,021 votes

2012 = 30,015 votes

So he bested Rick Santorum by only 8 votes – and fell short of his performance from four years ago by 6 votes. After all the millions of dollars spent, that’s pathetic.


The results of the Iowa Caucuses are in. To the extent that you can draw conclusions from the votes of 123,000 individuals, here are some quick observations.

1) The Media will invariably focus on which conservative candidates should drop out. They will also focus on the fact that there is nobody who has a definitive roadmap to defeat Romney. But the larger point they will overlook is how much the Republican electorate dislikes Romney. He spent million of dollars in 2008 and got crushed by Huckabee. He spent millions of dollars this year, yet he failed to improve on his 2008 showing (Santorum spent just $30,000 on ads). The punchline is that 75% of GOP voters are willing to vote for anyone anyone against Romney.

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