Rich Idiots and the Republican Gigolos

It’s good to see someone else calling those rich idiots what they are. From Erick Erickson:

A lot of Republican donors are idiots. Right now they are licking their wounds. They got played by a bunch of Republican gigolos, largely known as “tech consultants.”

It wasn’t just Team Romney and ORCA. It happened across the Republican Party. Millionaires and billionaires shelled out huge sums of money to outside groups that promised the moon and delivered a crater instead. They became sugar daddies and got played. Heck, they didn’t even get a happy ending.

Around the country, the rich donors of the GOP fell repeatedly into the exact same trap — they funded people who talked like them, looked like them, and thought like them. The diehard conservative activist on the ground was less likely to get attention than the jet setters and poseurs in that world who “had a plan”.

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