‘Scholarly’ Hate at the Daily Bigot

From Pete Heck:

It’s a fun exercise to keep track of all the universal truths belonging to the academic humanist crowd that claims there aren’t any universal truths.  And here is one they cling to with certainty: it is not fomenting hate to foment hate towards those you have decided foment hate.

The most recent example of this kind of un-ironic asininity comes from the “visiting scholar” at Brown University, the Daily Beast’s self-professing “BuJu” (Buddhist Jew), Jay Michaelson.  The Ivy League scholar decided to make the world a better place by proffering up a little literary hate fest directed at the evangelistic outreach group formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ.  Now called “Cru,” Michaelson took it upon himself to notify everyone how this group of nutty Bible-bangers are really an insidious threat to world harmony (yes, this man actually gets paid by someone).  He wrote:

Like many a Daily Beast reader, I found Campus Crusade for Christ to be somewhere between annoying and amusing. You remember them from college: the Jesus freaks, intent on spreading the ‘Good News,’ somewhere between quaint and creepy.

Yes, because BuJus don’t even register on the creepy scale, do they?  But after completing the requisite condescension and mockery of Bible believers mandated by the membership oath of all academic ‘scholars,’ Michaelson got down to leveling the hard-hitting accusation against this sinister group of Christians:

Its members are supposed to be the earnest Christians, preaching the Gospel but not fomenting hate around the world.

It’s amazing how supposedly intellectual folks on the left can’t seem to figure out that “preaching the Gospel” and “fomenting hate around the world” will always be identical to them given their jacked up worldview.  The message of Christ that He is the exclusive way to heaven is naturally divisive.  It’s why Jesus said Himself that He “did not come to bring peace on earth but division.”

Jesus was a pretty divisive fellow.  It’s why 2,000 years after He walked the earth the mere mention of His name can get mouths frothing over at the ACLU and get the panties of alleged academicians like Jay Michaelson all knotted into a ball.

See, for BuJus like Michaelson who willingly choose a life of rebellion to God, anyone who preaches the need for repentance and acceptance of salvation through Christ alone – not to mention who follows the Great Commission of Christ to “go throughout the world” and teach non-believers to “obey everything I have commanded you” – is going to come across hateful.

The pretty simple, straightforward truth that somehow evades the brilliant intellects of leftist scholars is that truth is divisive.  And when they stand, as Michaelson does, opposed to truth, its proclamation is going to appear hateful.  The Gospel of John is pretty clear as to why: “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”

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