Scott Walker to Romney — Stand For Conservative Principles

From Richard Viguerie:

In a variety of post-election interviews, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was asked, “What’s your advice to Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney?” Walker’s advice was, “First of all — first of all I want to — I want to thank God for his abundant grace.” and then in so many words, “Stand for conservative principles.”

What Walker said to Newsmax was particularly compelling political advice for the GOP’s soon-to-be-official nominee, “If he [Romney] lays a clear contrast out there, there are plenty of voters — whether they believe they are Republicans or not — there are plenty of voters who share that belief, who understand really the path we’re on is unsustainable at the federal level. And I think Gov. Romney, if he has a clear, aggressive, and repetitive message, can be competitive [in Wisconsin].”

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