Speaking of indocrination…

My last post on Friday dealt with some of the insane (can I say it?) crap that is taught in today’s government-run, taxpayer-funded schools. And the people running them want to be called “educators” and “professionals.” Don’t make me laugh. Here’s the opening of  a post at American Thinker this morning:

Leftist Textbooks and World War I

By E. Jeffrey Ludwig

As a high school history teacher in the New York City schools for twenty years, I find myself frequently wondering how the city’s textbooks have gotten so full of errors and liberal hogwash.

The latest textbook we are required to use (no exceptions) in my school’s U.S. history courses is The Americans, published by McDougal Littell. Every section of this book is replete with errors and omissions.

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Since being delivered from the public schools I’ve had the opportunity to learn more of what I should’ve been taught during 12 years of forced-“education” about World War I.  In 2008 I wrote three articles about the amazing things I was learning:

Independence Day and the Meuse-Argonne Battle

America’s deadliest battle began ninety years ago today

Armistice Day and echoes of history

When a school system is incapable of conveying facts that are packed with more drama that is better than anything you see in the movies, it’s no wonder kids graduate ignorant about so many things.