Teacher Who was Love Slave to Teenage Boys Claims ‘She Had No Choice’

Newsmachete over at American Thinker made a good point a few days ago — here’s the introduction of the post:

The main argument for the gay rights movement is that gays are born that way, it’s biological, they can’t resist it, right? In that light, it’s interesting to hear the story of a teacher who got brain surgery, which she claimed gave her irresistible urges to make love to teenage boys…

After an excerpt from the news story, Newsmachete writes:

Can this really be so? If so, doesn’t this create an automatic defense for every pedophile? Is this the natural progression from “gay rights” – that is, if a person believes she was born with an inclination, should society defend her inclinations and even teach children in school to admire and aspire to them, as they do with homosexuality and transvestitism?

The entire dichotomy of “biological or choice” is entirely artificial. When it comes to behavior, everything is a choice.

It’s a short post — you can read it here.

Image credit: www.barbwire.com.