The Federal Government Runs 160 Separate Housing Programs

There are countless examples to be found of what’s stated in the headline. Which begs the question—where in the hell have the Republicans been for the past twenty years? From

Each of these programs has its own bureaucracy, its own advocates, and its own sub-bureaucracy at the state an local level. While they might actually produce something worthwhile, their main function is keeping the people who administer the programs employed.

But the wonder, from a governance point of view, is not that the federal government has 160 housing programs but that it has any housing programs. Housing is a quintessential local program that needs no federal intervention and where federal rules and money have done incredible damage to our social fabric…

This is a major challenge confronting Mr. Romney should he win election. It isn’t enough to make government more efficient. What is needed is to divest the federal government of all but its core functions.

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