A Time for War: The Gathering Storm

Here is an excerpt from a piece by David Prentice at American Thinker:

From what I see, with all of this whipped up frenzied fear from our storm front leftists (oh, they’re not going to like that phrase), there is not much of a dent in their target. No, Donald Trump has not been touched. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty clear he’s winning. So much is going well. I want to explain something the left does not understand. Trump knows the storm. Trump welcomes the storm. Trump uses the storm.

Let me digress before coming back to that. If you had told me the list of what he’s accomplished in his first year, two years ago, I would have said you were delusional. If you had told me the left would have become totally unhinged, to the point where they make fools of themselves daily, spinning furiously about how Vladimir Putin controls Trump, I would have said you were daft. If you had told me the left would never accept their loss, I would have laughed.

If you had told me we would already be experiencing 3%+ growth, close to 25% increase in the stock market, that we’d be out of the Paris Climate Accords, becoming energy independent, had a great replacement for former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia while remaking the judiciary, getting tax cuts, voting out the Obamacare mandate, remaking the Middle East, that China would help us with Rocket Man, that illegal immigration would be cut by 75% to the lowest level in some 42 years (and that without the wall), that Trump would have driven the media to commit institutional suicide daily, all the while the left pulls its hair out on an hourly basis, I would have said you’re a little torched. Trust me, this is almost miraculous.

Because this has all been accomplished in the midst of the biggest political maelstrom most of us have witnessed. Nothing is comparable.

My question to everyone is, how in the hell is Trump doing this? How has he made so much happen, how has he accomplished all this (and more) while being simultaneously resisted by the left, some in his own party, and the entrenched bureaucracy and power we call the Deep State?

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