Trumping the Republican Establishment

Here are a few excerpts from a recent post by Steve McCann:

In the past six presidential elections the feckless (i.e. mushy moderate) Republican candidates, effectively chosen by the Republican hierarchy, have lost the popular vote by nearly 54 million (or an average of 9 million votes per cycle). They have averaged only 210 electoral votes out of 538 available (39%). Thanks to the efforts of the oft maligned grass roots, the Republican Party has controlled either one or both houses of Congress for 17 of the 27 years since 1989. With the exception of the Newt Gingrich’s leadership of the House of Representatives for four years, the Republican leaders of both houses have been card carrying members of the Establishment as well as true believers in the philosophical bent of getting along with the Democrats by acceding to the overwhelming bulk of their demands in order to avoid confrontation and curry favor with a hostile mainstream media.

In the eight years from 2001 to 2009 when the Republicans did control the White House (and both Houses of Congress for six years) spending skyrocketed, the nation became embroiled in an unnecessary and costly, in both lives and treasure, war in Iraq, the federal bureaucracy grew exponentially, illegal immigration remained unchecked and persistent fealty to globalization continued the ongoing loss of jobs and wealth to other countries. These factors plus the nomination of another feckless candidate opened the door allowing the most radical President in the history of the United States together with a Democratic Party in step with Barack Obama’s ideology to assume power.

The meteoric rise of Donald Trump as well as the showing of the many other non-establishment candidates is the end-product of a Republican Party too timid to be the opposition in a nation that can only function politically with two national parties. At any other time and place in the nation’s history Donald Trump would not be considered a viable candidate, considering his checkered past political leanings, his previous monetary support of the Democratic Party and his unbridled narcissism. His latest reincarnation as a political superstar is thanks to the very Republican Establishment that now so loathes and fears him.

Regardless, Donald Trump, who is a patriot and sincerely concerned about the future of the country, must stay in the race until it is an absolute certainty that none of the Establishment’s favored candidates will win the nomination. At that stage by dropping out of the race he has the opportunity to go down in history as being the man who drove a stake through the heart of the current Republican Establishment and transformed the Party into a viable and determined opposition focused on making America great again. That will be a monumental feat far exceeding what he has done or will do in the business world.

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