Two 11-Year-Olds Receive Threats for Testifying Against Same-Sex Marriage

Every day more Americans learn how intolerant the “tolerant” crowd really is. Of course the news won’t come via the Old Media so thank heavens for the New Media. From

In the past two months, in attempts to offer an argument against same-sex marriage, two children have testified before their state legislators, countering other children who have been testifying for it. The two children testifying against it have either been crudely insulted or received death threats.


YouTube comments included one calling Grace “an 11-year-old bigot.” Another said, “when did 11 year old children become so repugnantly smug? this is gross and offensive, and not just to gay people. single mothers, widowers, divorced parents… i mean,? just shut the fuck up until you until you’ve seen a little more of the world, puppet child.” On the Facebook page for A Minnesota news website, the heading read “Stupid Indoctrinated Child.”

Evans said, “Supporters of gay marriage are deceitfully claiming that the legalization of gay marriage won’t affect our religious freedoms or freedom of speech. I do not believe them. These attacks on Grace are an example of how we have already lost many of these freedoms. In fact, it’s so bad, they aren’t afraid to viciously attack an 11-year-old girl. Imagine what it will be like if gay marriage becomes legal in Minnesota.”

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