U.S. Special Forces: Navy Seals

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Despite the best efforts of some leadership in the United States to defund and decimate our military, America still maintains the greates conventional forces and unconventional forces in the world.

Our warriors are a critical part of Teddy Roosevelt’s “big stick”: the ability to strike with deadly force and precision should give every enemy of the US pause.

As a small, but lethal part of our fighting forces, the history of US Special forces is intriguing and worth knowing.

The inception of Special Forces can be traced to tactics used by colonialists during King Phillip’s War. King Phillip was a Wampanoag Indian whose men practiced hit-and-run warfare and reconnaissance to devastating effect on many colonial towns.

The colonialists, led by Massachusetts captain Benjamin Church, regrouped and replicated the Indians’ tactics, starting with reconnaissance, and regained control of their lands and towns.

In 1756, during the French and Indian War, a New Hampshire man, Robert Rogers, formed a unit of woodsmen to scout the wilderness and thwart attacks by the Indians and their French advisers. The unit became known as Rogers Rangers, and Rogers is said to be the father of American Special Operations.

As Samuel A. Southworth and Stephen Tanner write in their book, U.S. Special Forces: A Guide to America’s Special Operations Units:

Rogers is considered the seminal figure in U.S. special operations history, and indeed was the first to codify the principles of behind-the-lines warfare.

Among our unconventional forces, none are more highly respected (and feared) than the US Navy Sea, Air, Land Teams…SEALs.

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