WFB in 1966 predicted Obama: “Is There an Alinksy in Your Future?”

Here’s the second link from the Nov. 1, 1966, issue of National Review. The late  William F. Buckley, Jr. called it, evidently, as Barack Obama is certainly an Alinskyite:

Is There an Alinksy in Your Future?

By William F. Buckley, Jr.

Mr. Saul Alinsky of Chicago is becoming very fashionable; indeed churches and civic groups are vying for his favors, and he may be popping up any one of these days in your town. For a fee, Mr. Alinsky contracts to come into your city and, so to speak, bust up the joint. His purposes, needless to say, are noble, like the Jacobins’ in France, who sought to break up the power structure so as to release the energies and increase the opportunities of the lower class.

Mr. Alinsky is twice formidable. For one thing, he is very close to being an organizational genius. For another, Alinsky has a way of making practical idealists feel sort of foolish — by brushing aside their efforts to help the poor or the racial minorities as ventures in futility. Mr. Sargent Shriver he dismissed as a hypocrite, a “political pornographer.” In Rochester, New York, the leaders of the city themselves are most admirably progressive, and yet Alinsky has calmly denounced them for having “transported a Southern plantation up to the North.”

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