What CEOs have to say about the worst states for doing business

Conservative IntelOf course Illinois is ranked near the bottom of this list. From ConservativeIntel:

Chief Executive Magazine has put out its annual business ranking of the 50 states — a ranking based on a survey of 736 CEOs.

At right, you can see the bottom ten states. You might notice that most of them have something in common. And in case you wonder whether the CEOs’ opinions have any application in real life, look at it this way: Did any of these states lose congressional seats in the 2010 reapportionment? Yes, most of them did: New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Jersey.

In those states, population significantly lagged the average U.S. state last decade, meaning that even though there were births and there was immigration, people are also leaving at a rapid pace for other states. That’s your hint about how people and businesses are voting with their wallets…

41.   Maryland

42.  Pennsylvania

43. Hawaii

44.  Michigan

45.  Connecticut

46.  New Jersey

47.  Massachusetts

48.  Illinois

49.  New York

50.  California

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