What should be a ‘LOL’ moment but isn’t: “Transgendered rights”

As I’ve said often, anyone who understands the GLBT (etc.) agenda isn’t surprised at all at this insanity. All of you folks who think the social issues don’t matter, well, this is what you’re helping bring about. Enjoy…

Which bathroom should transgendered students use?

Maine’s highest court will soon decide which restroom Nicole Maines, a 15-year-old transgendered student, should use. Last week the state supreme court heard oral arguments about whether a school district violated her civil rights when it forbid her from using the girl’s restroom. She was in fifth grade at the time.

Maines is biologically male but has identified as female since she was very young. As such, she wished to use the girl’s restroom. State law, however, mandates that boys and girls use separate facilities. Her school told her to use the staff restroom instead.

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6-year-old ‘transgender’ boy must be allowed to use girls’ bathroom: Colorado officials

A Colorado governing body has ruled that a 6-year old boy, who his parents claims is ‘transgender,’ was discriminated against when officials at his elementary school prohibited him from using the girls’ restroom.In 2011, when Coy Mathis started elementary school, his family and school agreed to treat Coy as a girl and let him use the girls’ restroom. However, the school decided to ban Coy from his continued use of the girls’ facilities this past winter break.

The reason for the school’s change has not been made public.

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California lawmakers pass K-12 transgender-rights bill

SACRAMENTO — Transgender students in public schools can participate in school activities and use school facilities that conform to their gender identity under a bill that passed the Senate Wednesday and now heads to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown.

The bill, AB1266 by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, had the bare majority, passing 21-9 on a partisan vote with Democrats in support.

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