Where’s the Pushback, GOP?

Here’s Rush Limbaugh discussing yet another manifestation of how those on the political right fail to fight the information war:

I want to go back to our first caller in the last hour, the tail end of the previous hour, you’ll remember, he was just frustrated as he could be. He watched the thing last night and I could tell by the nature of his comments that he was young, which is good. He can’t believe what he was hearing. He literally can’t believe there are still people in a dominant, major political party talking about all of these things like they were talking about [at the Democrat debate] last night, which are demonstrated failures. They do not work. They do not help people. They do not revive the economy. They don’t do anything. Yet here they are talking about it and doing even more of it, and he was beside himself. He can’t find any pushback anywhere today. The media, he can’t find it. He doesn’t understand it, and I’ll tell you why that is.

This is a very, very important point here, folks. I’m sorry to sound like a broken record on it, but the reason our opening caller — and I’m sure he echoed what many of you think — it wasn’t that long ago that you could count on the Republican Party to last night be all over TV nuking that stuff. Either Republican presidential candidates or party leaders or elected Republicans would be all over, and the media would love to talk to them, and they would be nuking everything the Democrats said.

They would be engaging in pushback. They would be attempting to put it in context and to disqualify it and to expose it for what it is, as just runaway, irresponsible socialism, which hasn’t worked anywhere. And then they would contrast that with what they believe, or what we believe. And the American people watching news media last night — and the same thing would happen today — there would be some pushback on it. There would be some people with credibility who would be explaining why what you heard last night was absolutely irresponsible, juvenile, whatever else.

But there hasn’t been any of that. And so you who have that very reaction to what you heard last night, you don’t see anybody in politics representing what you believe. The Republican Party is not out fighting this stuff. And the reason that they’re not — we know this — the Republican establishment believes that to do so would be to endanger their support from independents. I’m not trying to be funny, and I’m not cracking a joke. They really do believe it. It’s why they don’t oppose Obama. The fallback is, “Well, we don’t have enough votes to override a veto.”

So people say, “Why don’t you at least fight back?”

“No, because that would anger the independents.” They really believe this stuff inside the Beltway, in the Washington establishment, in the Republican section of it, they really believe. Mitt Romney won the independents in droves and lost the election.

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Image credit: Comically Incorrect.