Why I’m Not a Libertarian

From Jeremy Egerer at www.americanclarity.com:

Three hundred pages into Ludwig von Mises’ economic masterpiece, Human Action, and I’ve found myself stopping for air… My momentary pause has far less to do with Mises’ difficulty, and far more to do with his spiritual emptiness: he must be read in segments because my soul buckles under the total burden of his meaninglessness.

I believe my reaction to Mises’ work underscores my particular problem with libertarianism in general, the fact that it has little to no soul, reducing man to a rational, pleasure-seeking animal.


What am I to make of Mises and libertarianism? In the end, though I find them destructive to Western civilization, I pity them. They seek civilization in earthly pleasure, and meaning in meaninglessness. I have a destiny, have a God, have glory, have unalienable rights and The Law, have incorruptible joy — and should Pleasure ever stand between these and me, then with the Almighty’s help, She will know where Her dominion ends. Take your stand where you may; I cannot but with my whole heart reject libertarianism.

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