Huffington Post Proves Sexual Orientation is a Choice. Oops.

Here’s Bryan Fischer writing at

Homosexuals are made, not born.

And the Huffington Post knows it but doesn’t realize it.

It is nurture, not nature, that inclines a child in the direction of homosexuality. Sometimes these influences, sexual molestation in particular, can happen so early in life that the victim is unaware of how profoundly such abuse affected his own perception of his sexuality.

The uberleftist Huffington Post, which is nothing more than a PR mouthpiece for the radical homosexual lobby, inadvertently gave powerful evidence over the weekend that sexual orientation is a choice.

HuffPo published an attempted hit piece on Missouri state Sen. Bob Dixon, who is a declared candidate for governor. HuffPo missed the target it was aiming at and instead gave powerful testimony to the truth of the proposition that it is in fact possible to change one’s sexual orientation.

HuffPo even refers to Sen. Dixon as an “ex-gay” in the headline. But wait a minute. If people are born that way, how is that even possible? You’ve never, for instance, met an “ex-black,” because ethnicity, unlike sexual orientation, is in fact immutable and impervious to change.

But according to HuffPo, sexual orientation is not like that. To coin a phrase, it’s both mutable and pervious to change.

Sen. Dixon adds his testimony to others who furnish evidence that sexual abuse is the primary agent in producing a homosexual orientation in the first place. Dixon experienced a five-year stretch of involvement in the homosexual lifestyle, brought on by abuse which caused him “confusion” about his own sexuality.

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Image credit: State senator Bob Dixon and his family.