Hysterical Ninnies owe President Trump an apology

“Hysterical Ninnies” — I like it. Here is Doug Ibendahl:

How many times do President Trump’s enemies have to lose?

How many more states do they have to put in the Trump win column for 2020 before they finally realize their over-the-top hysteria is only succeeding in driving rational people away from their crusade on a daily basis?

Democrats and their media comrades gave it their all during the 2016 campaign. They failed miserably. But rather than perform any serious introspection, they all decided to double-down on the crazy.

From the moment the election was finally called in the wee hours of November 9, 2016, the Trump haters have been a coiled spring, waiting to pounce into action at any perceived misstep by the new President.

And lack of an actual misstep is no hindrance once you’ve convinced yourself it’s okay to just make things up, because after all, you long ago deluded yourself that you’re some kind of hero for trying to stop a man who is like Hitler, only worse.

We’ve all witnessed countless hissy fits since Trump descended that escalator on June 16, 2015 to announce his candidacy (can you believe it’s been over three years?). Irrational hysterics from the Trump detractors is certainly nothing new.

But seeing our President onstage with Vladimir Putin was a triggering event like no other. Actually seeing in the flesh the man they blame for disclosing the Democrat emails which revealed to voters just how breathtakingly corrupt Hillary Clinton’s campaign operation truly was and the disturbing lengths Hillary’s people went to in rigging the Democratic Party’s nominating process against Bernie Sanders was far too much to endure.

Never mind that the identical “experts” say the Russians also worked to hack Republicans too (but were largely deterred by more sophisticated security), the Russians committed a mortal sin when they provided American voters with information the in-the-tank media never would have on its own.

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