A Man of Action Is Going to Washington

Here’s Rush Limbaugh on our president-elect “man of action”:

Trump is not a mystery. You can read The Art of the Deal. You can find out how Trump works. You can see his businesses and the way they’ve run. You can find out. He rolls up his sleeves and he gets involved in negotiations personally. Many people like Trump delegate those kind of things. He is personally involved with a lot of things, and he doesn’t waste any time. I read a story about a guy last week (it was from earlier in the campaign) who was not a Trump fan, not a Trump supporter.

But he had run a company that had to do a deal with Trump, and he described what the actual negotiations were like, and he said he was stunned. On the first day of negotiations there were no, “Hi’s,” “How are you doing? Do want a croissant?” It was roll up the sleeves and get right down to it. Give me the specifics. Tell me what you want. What are your demands? Give me your facts and figures — and it was done and over with in record time. There were no pleasantries. There were no delays.

It was just dead serious from the moment the negotiations began, and people that have been involved with Trump throughout his business life all tell pretty much the same story. It’s not that he’s not a nice guy. It’s just that you’re meeting for a specific reason. He doesn’t meet to meet, he doesn’t meet to meet people, he doesn’t meet to have conversations. If there is a meeting about a negotiation for some deal, you get in there, get it, and go out. You get the best you can, you don’t apologize, and you move on to the next one.

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Image credit: www.barbwire.com.