Obama on the Middle East: Where is the president’s partisan snarling when we need it?

One of the things I’ve liked most about the way Victor Davis Hanson has written about Barack Obama is that Hanson has always seen the real Obama—or, to put it another way—Hanson agrees with me that the real Obama is an S.O.B.

Here’s Hanson’s latest—a shot at Obama with perfect sarcasm—I encourage you to follow the link below to read Hanson’s draft statement for Obama:

The last three and a half years, Barack Obama has gone out of his way to bow, apologize, contextualize, and scapegoat in order to win Middle Eastern affection. Yet, his reset, “Bush did it” policy is now in shambles, and he apparently has nothing with which to replace it.

So I have a modest suggestion. Obama has a formidable arsenal of invective that he has unleashed against conservatives, Republicans, and just about anyone else on the domestic scene he doesn’t like. Why, then, not redeploy these fire-in-the-belly attacks against those who kill Americans abroad?

All Obama has to do is imagine that the mobs in the Middle East are not misunderstood Muslims — who overreacted a bit to an offensive American video — but rather suspect conservatives and opponents of progressive thought. Then, mutatis mutandis, Obama might get fired up and level a much-needed warning.

If he did, it might go like this…

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