RINOs are the problem because they don’t understand that government is the problem

Friends, there are no “moderate” solutions to the problems facing the country, and in fact, most of those problems have been caused by government itself. No better example exists than the 2008 financial collapse. A writer at the American Spectator recently said this:

Reporter David J. Lynch [explained], “Both former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney lay much of the blame on U.S. government housing policies, saying they led to the real estate crash that almost brought down the banking system and has cost homeowners $6.6 trillion since 2006.”But it’s not just Gingrich and Romney.

Virtually every Republican and conservative across America recognizes what is by now well established in the literature — the government caused the financial crisis.

“Virtually every Republican..”? Maybe. But RINOs, “Republicans in Name Only,” also still think the solution is still government, and therein lies the problem.

Count me on the side of Jon Threlkeld who had a post on the American Thinker website with this title: “RINOs: Handmaids in the Destruction of America.” Here are a few excerpts:

But true to RINO form, George W. did as all big-government statists do: he greatly expanded the welfare state. In 2008, in open collusion with the Democrats, he used taxpayers’ money to bail out collapsing investment firms and corporations that were deemed “too big to fail.”

Of the “agonizing and unending series of betrayals of the Republican conservative base by the RINO elites,” Threlkeld writes:

Elite party mandarins — Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader McConnell, to name two of the most guilty — acted like the feckless political hacks they are. They caved in on the debt limit extensions, a balanced budget, and the list goes on. They negotiated with Democrats where there was no need. They submitted to the Obama administration’s unprecedented usurpations of power with hardly a squeak of complaint. And Boehner, exercising his own spineless leadership technique, whined that Republicans controlled only one third of the government — a lame excuse for their lack of action if there ever was one.

And Threlkeld, like a lot of conservatives, is not a fan of Mitt Romney:

RINOs, it must be understood, are committed to the preservation of their own power and status even if it means playing “dhimmi” to their Democrat masters. Obama’s re-election holds no consequences for them as they see it. And if the Universal Principle of Cause and Effect were to be temporarily suspended, and Romney magically defeated Obama, what’s to lose? Status quo either way.

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