Romney state chairman Dan Rutherford Attempts to Silence Conservatives

Laurie Higgins has another excellent post up at the Illinois Family Institute website. Here’s the opening of it:

Once again so-called “moderate” Republicans are doing everything they can to coerce platform Republicans who care about those pesky immoderate issues like marriage, family, protecting the lives of the unborn, religious liberty, speech rights, and parental rights.

“Moderate” Republicans in cahoots with Democrats of all stripes mock, threaten, harass, harangue, and condescendingly scold those who think the “social” issues are at least as important as the economy and national defense.

Republican State Treasurer Dan Rutherford ominously warns that “If we allow abortion to define a good Republican from a bad Republican, we will be the party of the perpetual minority… If we allow positions in regard to gay rights and in regards to guns to define good from bad, we will be the party of the perpetual minority.”

So, conservatives are supposed to take their marching orders from someone who doesn’t care about the inherent existential rights of the unborn; who doesn’t understand the relationship of marriage to the health of society; and who doesn’t care about the corruption of public education or the diminution of speech and religious liberty by homosexual activism?

By the way, pro-life is the majority position in this country now according to polling data from the past few years. So Rutherford is wrong on this as he is on so many other issues.

Click here to read Laurie Higgins’ entire article.