The Importance of Yesterday’s GOP Ground War Election Victories

Just a short post today to note that last night’s Republican Party victories in the Commonwealth of Virginia and other places might very well inspire the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC) to amend its ways.

Might. Just don’t bet your state or your country on it.

The Republican National Committee is reported to have funded an effort to man all the polling places across Virginia to help limit the amount of fraud that the Democratic Party has become so good at committing. And that investment paid off.

To the degree that is how the money was spent, it was money spent properly.

Not on videos or policy papers or op eds. On getting an army mobilized.

This series of articles is an attempt to get more Americans to realize why we are in the terrible shape we are in because of government policies that fail. Those failed policies are in place because for too long the Republican Party and conservative professional machinery has mostly ignored the work that wins elections.

News reports from honest news outlets were showing that the Democrats in Virginia were ready to have November 2, 2021 look a lot like November 3, 2020 when it comes to election “outcomes.” In other words, they were gearing up their fraud machine.

It is an undeniable fact that the political left was given free rein a year ago on election day because the grand poobahs of the RCIC allowed them to have it. We are all suffering the consequences of their failure.

Last night things went differently in several places.

The enormous amount of work that will need to be accomplished between now and November 2022 is no better illustrated than in Illinois, where Democratic Party election fraud has been nearly perfected. It it hoped that last night’s Republicans victories in Virginia will inspire Illinois state and local GOP organizations to realize that business as usual here–will lose as usual.

Up next: Why President Donald J. Trump would understand what this series is about.

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