What Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Has Done to Massachusetts, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Many of today’s “sophisticated” and “enlightened” Americans prefer to ignore facts, and so chances are few of them know about the following ugly reality that follows in the wake of same-sex so-called “marriage.” For those who might be aware — often their decision is to either explain it all away, or better yet, ignore it completely. Out of sight, out of their little minds.

Late last month, John-Henry Westen posted this article over at The Federalist: Same-Sex Marriage Won’t Bring Us Peace. Here was it’s lead: “The last ten years of same-sex marriage laws in Canada and other nations shows redefining marriage undermines freedom of speech and conscience, parent rights, and good home lives for children.”

This article was written by Dawn Stefanowicz back in April: A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights.

The organization MassResistance has done the best work of anyone about what has been going on in the state of Massachusetts for many years. I excerpted from one of their web posts here — What same-sex “marriage” has done to Massachusetts: It’s far worse than most people realize. And here is a direct link to a booklet they’ve published about it — What same-sex “marriage’ has done to Massachusetts — here is it’s subtitle: “Most people don’t know what really happens when “gay marriage” comes — and how its effects permeate society.”

Earlier this month Mercatornet posted these three articles:

Public life after same-sex marriage: New Zealand

Public life after same-sex marriage: Canada

Public life after same-sex marriage: United Kingdom

If conservatives had been fighting effectively in the information war then more people would know the truth.

Image credit: BarbWire.com.