Whom Should Illinois Family Action Criticize?

From Illinois Family Action:

Illinois Family Action (IFA) has received a fair number of responses to recent articles on a local election in suburbs north of Chicago, only one of which was critical. Frankly, we expected more critical emails. It’s tempting as a non-profit organization to avoid offending our supporters, but IFA (and our sister organization, Illinois Family Institute) is committed first to biblical truth. Our mission is not to defend Republicans.

That said, we realize that the Republican Party is our best hope for defending the preborn, marriage, family, and religious liberty. And we think that serving truth first will ultimately restore the integrity of the Illinois GOP — but not without some pain in the process.

To reiterate, IFA is not an arm of the Republican Party, but we do recognize that the Republican Party more closely aligns with our mission and does so more often than does the Democratic Party. For those reasons, having a candidate who rejects truth about the inherent rights of the preborn (or rejects the truth that marriage is a sexually complementary union) within the Republican Party is more dangerous than having them in the Democratic Party.

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